V.Nöbbelöv DR278

Västra Nöbbelövstenen DR 278

Split down the middle and used as gate posts at the local rectory since 1745, the Västra Nöbbelöv stone has been restored [almost] to its former glory.

: tuki : risþi : stin : þainsi : iftiʀ : auþka : bruþur : sin : harþa : kuþan :

“Tóki reisti stein þenna eptir Auðga, bróður sinn, harða góðan [þegn?]”

“Tóki raised this stone in memory of Auðgi, his brother, a very good [thane?].”

Is it just me, or should the conservators perhaps have dyed the cement used to join the two halves, in an effort to better match the rune stone’s color?

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