Pickesten – A giant manhood

Pickesten – A giant manhood

Legend tells that a Giant is buried at Gröstorp.
The phallus shaped Pickesten/Pittjesten erected in the iron-age, represents his manhood and right behind it, the bronze-age mound Kvesahöj marks his head, his heart is at the stone-age passage grave Stenstuan further afield and his feet lay in the marshes by the river below.

…en jätte är begrafen i Grästorp,samt att hufvudet utmärkes genom Qväxhög, hjertat genom Stenstuan, penis genom stenen och fötterna genom ett kärr“.

The Giant is reaching out both through time and the surrounding landscape, the wetlands at his feet below have existed since ancient times and there is whispers about gold-rings that have been found here.


Another old legend tells that Kvesahöj stood on gold pillars, when a Troll living there, danced under it. The same Troll used to borrow beer, rake and peel from a nearby farm for baking bread. At one time the wife of the mentioned farmhouse had been abducted and was not liberated until Christmas Eve, she never recovered from her ordeal and had forever lost her mind.

“..enligt allmogens berättelser förr skulle ha stått på “gullsulor” (guldpelare), då trollen dansade under densamma. På en näraliggande gård brukade trollen låna öl, rakor och grissla för bakning. En gång bortfördes hustrun i nämnde bondgård, samt återtogs julafton, men blev städse rubbad”.

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