Klövasten – Jättekast

Klövasten, Glemmingebro

Klövasten, Glemmingebro

According to legend, it was a Giantess living on the island of Bornholm who tied her suspender around this boulder and catapulted it towards the old Glemminge Church to silence the odious church-bell.
But in that very moment the sun rose and the giantess lost some of her strength, so the throw was bad and the boulder landed a fair bit from the church.
The suspender was drawn so tight in the throw, that it caused the boulder to split in two when it landed in the field.


There are several legends and beliefs associated with the boulder. It is popular belief that the boulder spins when it smells fresh-baked bread. Another legend is that the two pieces of the boulder reunite, when it smells fresh-baked bread or pea soup.
Once upon a time, a tailor had gone into the passage between the pieces, just as they merged. He was flattened like a pancake. Since then his children are called the flatters“.
It is also believed that anyone who passes through the gap between the two pieces, will have his/her eyesight reversed.
It has happened that a mother could not recognize her own child and that a local farmer wandered off and went to bed with the neighbor‘s wife“.
To lift the spell, one must go through the passage again, but in the opposite direction.

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