Haväng in snow

Havängsdösen - Haväng DolmenHavängsdösen - Haväng Dolmen

Haväng dolmen (Havängsdösen) has survived for approx. 5.500 years i.e. since being built around 3400 BC.

Now it seems that thanks to lack of respect and common sense, its days may be numbered. Inconsiderate fools have grilled along its side stones and perhaps worst of all, lit a fire directly on the giant chamber cover stone that as a direct result has cracked. These severely intellectually disabled persons have no clue whatsoever and don´t even know that stone cracks if a fire is lit on or close vicinity to it.

The damage is severe and the whole monument is now at risk of collapsing and considered dangerous by experts that have inspected the damage and they noted that a lightning strike or frost can cause the stone to crack completely. Stone wedges have been inserted to prevent the huge stone from caving in, but it may not be enough.

If the fire damage tells us a great deal about the mindset of some people in this day and age, the Haväng dolmen tells us a lot about the Stone Age.

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