Gårdstånga DR329

Gårdstångastenen 1 - DR 329

Gårdstångastenen 1 - DR 329

Approximately 200 years after the Gårdstånga Runestone DR329 was found in a heap of manure on the farm of Gårdala, which at the time was located south of the road and presumably very close to the place where the stone stands today, a superstitious new owner carved his mark, a five-pointed star and a cross, in the stone to protect himself from the spells of the inscribed characters.

þulfR : uk : ulfR : risþu : stino : þise : ufteR : osmut : liba : felaga : sin

“Þólfr and Ulfr raised these stones after Asmund Lippe, their cohort”.

A stone with such strange characters must have been viewed as being extremely suspicious, the christian church had successfully brainwashed the population into believing that the old pagan ways involved devil worship.


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