Tulshöj runestones, Västra Strö Sweden

The Tulshöj runestones consists of 7 stone cenotaph, set in honor of Biorn and Assur and dated around year 1000-1025 CE.
Center stone in top photo, is inscribed with:

FaðiR let haggva sten þænsi æftiR Biorn, es skip atti með hanum.
Fader had this stone cut after Björn. He owned ship with him.Right stone in top photo:

FaðiR let haggva runaR þæssi æftiR Assur, broþur sin, es norr varð døðr i vikingu.
Fader had these runes cut after Assur, his brother. He died north in viking. (Under a viking raid)
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