Summer Solstice 2012

The night between the 20 and 21 june is magical, the sun never really sets on this my all time favorite night. I arrived at around 2.30am in darkness with only the sky, city lights and currents in the sea lit up in that brief moment between sunset and sunrise, set up my camera pointing NNE, measured the exposure to 2 mins, calculated the reciprocity and set exposure to 12 minutes.
I opened the shutter at 2:50am and in those 12 minutes of exposure until 3:02am, everything slowly went from full darkness to full sunrise, painting the film with all the subtle changes.
I walked back to my car in daylight at approx. 3:15am feeling like I just watched a summer solstice 2012 miracle.
f/16 12mins
Developer: Caffenol-C-L 20°C/68°f

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