St Birgittas Kapell, Öland Sweden


It´s said that if the cross at St Birgittas Kapell, Kapelludden Öland is tumbled, it´s a bad omen for Sweden.The cross was knocked over and broken into 3 pieces by a derelict fishing shed during a storm in January 2007, after having been standing for approx. 800 years. It has since been restored to near former glory by a local expert and set up again with a guarantee that the restoration will last a minimum of another 200 years

Until about 430 years ago, this was a thriving fishing village and commercial center which traded mainly in fish, flour, stone and native horses. The village was originally called Sikavarp until the Reformation, it was such an important trade center that the citizens of Kalmar on the mainland felt that it competed with their commerce. The ruling families of Kalmar and Borgholm on the other side of the island expressed their despair to Johan III (king of Sweden 1568-1592), begging him to ensure that the commercial privileges of Sikavarp would be revoked. And so he did, around year 1580 thus leaving the village to its inevitable abandonment, decay and disappearance into the mists of time.
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