Rönneberga Backar – Bronze Age grave mounds

The Rönneberga Backar grave mounds date approx. 1 700 BCE, the early nordic Bronze age. The Northern Bronze Age was a period and a Bronze Age culture in Scandinavian prehistory around 1700-500 BCE, with sites that reached as far east as Estonia. Succeeding the Late Neolithic culture, its ethnic and linguistic affinities are unknown in the absence of written sources. It is followed by the pre-roman Iron Age. Even though Scandinavians joined the European Bronze Age cultures fairly late through trade, Scandinavian sites present rich and well-preserved objects made of wool, wood and imported central European bronze and gold. There are many mounds and rock carving sites from the period and numerous artifacts of bronze and gold have been found. No written language nor borders as we know them today existed in the Nordic region during the Bronze Age.
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  1. Hi,

    I love very much your photographs!

    Would it be possible to note below the photos also the name and/or type of camera used or possibly to make up a separate page on your blog decribing the camera(s) you use?

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  2. Thank you!

    In the meantime I had already looked around on your flickr stream and found the desired information!

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    What equipment to you use to scan/digitize your 4×5 negatives? Scanner, digital camera, something else?

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  4. I´d recommend an Epson v700 or v750 scanner for home use, mine´s an old Epson 4870 with really lousy negative holders so I do need to sharpen out some blur here and there, because the films aren´t held perfectly flat.. But I cope! 🙂

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