Rollei RPX 100

Not quite large format, but still.
I used my Linhof Technika with a Super Rollex 56X72 mainly because I wanted to try the Rollei RPX 100 having heard very good things about it, so yes.. I cheated on my favorite format but the equipment still weighs a ton, the workflow is pretty much the same and I gained a shallower DOF using 120 film which is not all that bad for a variety of applications.
This film is truly amazing, its virtually grainless in C-C-L and the tonality is outstanding!
I bracketed the exposures from 50 to 200, developed it for 55 mins, aiming for silver print density at stock speed. And I think I came very close to the right development time, the +1 are as expected on the overexposed side and the -1 a bit under but both still perfectly usable, I might just try 50 mins with the next roll to see how the tones compare.

Ei: 100

f/4.5 1/100s

Developer: Caffenol-C-L 20°C/68°f

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