Night time exposure

Adox Pan 25 - Night time exposure
 Adox Pan 25 – Night time exposure.
I was out hunting the recent “super” full moon, but never really found a satisfying composition. I settled for the water tower at Hyllie, Sweden instead, I´ve been wanting to do something with that UFO shape for quite some time. I metered the scene to 8 minutes at ISO 25, settled for ISO 6 as compensation for the reciprocity failure, opened the shutter and went back into my car to keep warm while the film was exposing.
While the shutter was open, 2 city busses, 3-4 taxis and a security guard passed by without leaving even the slightest trace on the film, hooray for long exposures!
Ei: 6
f/11 24 mins
Developer: Caffenol C-L 20°C/68°f

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