Hammars Park

Right next to where I live there´s a very interesting park, Hammars Park. My private stretch of public wilderness. Approx. ½ of it, is left alone for most of the year by the normally rather insensitive park “services” which means that the wild flowers, different grasses, bushes, mushrooms and old trees are pretty much left alone. Naturally this attracts a multitude of birds, insects, snails, frogs, rabbits, 8 different species of bats etc. And even a small number of wild sea-trout migrate upstream from the sea to reproduce in the park stream that is being fed pristine groundwater pumped up from another huge chalk quarry close by.
The park used to be part of a chalk quarry that originates back to the 1600´s and was turned into a park in the late 1800´s, and there´s still evidence of a few old stone structures.The variety of plant and animal life in this habitat is truly amazing considering that the park is situated in the suburbs of Sweden’s 3´rd largest city Malmö.
Ei: 25
f/11 1s / f/16 ½s / f/16 1s
Developer: Caffenol C-L 20°C/68°f

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