Foma Pan 100 with dandruff



I ran out of 4X5 film, so I bought a box of Foma Pan 100 partly to see if all the good things that I´ve read about this particular film was true, and yes the tonality is indeed very nice..
But but but..
It seems that the film (this batch anyway) suffers from severe dandruff, millions of white (black) spots littered all over the entire negative and not just on one sheet, on all of the sheets that I´ve exposed and developed so far! I haven´t had this happen before, with any other brand film. I´m pretty sure that I can rule out any processing errors, having done it the same way I always do using freshly mixed developer, a weak 1:300 acid stop and new fixer every time. Nothing to see on the emulsion with the naked eye either so I think it´s a manufacturing defect, and googling it shows that it has happened to other people as well, in a variety of formats.
Too bad!
Edit: I´ve since found out that the probable culprit was in fact the very weak acid 1:300 stop bath, reacting with the emulsion and creating the “dandruff” black spots on the negative! Amazing that such a little amount of acid can be so devastating, goes to show that this film is VERY delicate.
Obvious conclusion: Use plain or distilled water as Stop bath for Foma films!
Ei: 100
f/8-11 1/400s.
Developer: Caffenol C-L 20°C/68°f

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