Extreme fine grain

Adox Pan 25 - extreme fine grain
Adox Pan 25 - extreme fine grain
 Adox Pan 25 = Extreme fine grain.
I went on a field trip to Forsakar waterfalls close to Kristianstad, southern Sweden to test the Adox Pan 25 4X5 properly, the temperature was -6 ºC = 21.2 ºF and very windy so it felt a lot colder, in fact everything with grease or oil seized up in seconds.. Tripod, focus knob, shutter.. My hands were so cold that I couldn´t even feel the cable release and exposed one sheet of film twice.
I think the correctly exposed ones came out really nice, I love the tonality and grain (lack of) of this film. It develops very well in Caffenol and the stain is almost insignificant.
Ei: 25
f/22 1s
Developer: Caffenol C-L 20°C/68°f

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