Adox CHS 50 again

Adox CHS 50 again
Adox CHS 50 again..
The Adox CHS 50 responds extremely well to Caffenol, reacts nicely to the caffeic acid and stains much more than the modern multi layer T-grain films, this is most likely due to its high silver content 1950´s technology single layer emulsion. It is however prone to fogging, scratches and reticulation, so strict temperature control and careful handling when wet is absolutely necessary!
Ei: 50
f/22 1s
Developer: Caffenol C-L 20°C/68°f

2 thoughts on “Adox CHS 50 again

  1. Hi Bo,

    I missed that you also drive a blog, congratulations. And are we seeing here a solarized "black sun"? I only once saw a pic from A.Adams with this phenomenon.

    Will add your blog to the linklist on my blog.

    Cheers – Reinhold

  2. Its cool Reinhold 🙂 And yes solarized sun, shows how much control Caffenol actually gives you.


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