Caffenol-C-L/S – Salty exercises



The Caffenol-C-L/S is the latest incarnation of the Caffenols. New to this specific developer variation is that it uses readily available iodized salt as a restrainer, compared to C-C-L that uses KBr. My particular brand of iodized salt contains 0,0025 % Potassium Iodate (KIO3) = 2.5mg/100g. Other brands may differ in added Iodide, so adjust the amount you use in accordance to the percentage added in your brand. This developer is 100% non-toxic, in fact so much so that you could probably actually drink it after your salty exercises, with no ill effects apart from the hideous and vomit inducing taste. (not that I´ve tried nor want to 🙂 )

Ei: 25

f/22 45s / f/22 10s

Developer: Caffenol-C-L/S 20°C/68°f

4 thoughts on “Caffenol-C-L/S – Salty exercises

  1. Great pictures.

    I am just interested in the ADOX CHS 25 / efke ortho 25.
    Does it require the same treatment (developing-times) like the pan?



  2. The CHS 25 can be developed pretty much like the CHS 50, I haven´t tried the ortho 25 so I dont know about that one. But I´d go for it, starting at 60-70 mins, experimenting with dev. times if I were you! 🙂

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