Viking Stone Ship at dusk

Viking Stone Ship


Viking Stone Ship at the Gettlinge grave fields, Öland Sweden.

The grave fields were in use from 1000 BCE to 1000 CE. and contains Bronze age barrows as well as the more prominent iron-age and viking stone ship burials, making it one of the largest grave fields on Öland. The ridge on which the burials are situated, was one of the few places on the southern part of the island that had sufficient soil depth for creation of burial mounds.
Shot using an old Rodenstock Ysaron 127/f.4.7 with it´s rear lens element severely etched by fungi, in near total darkness.. Which is what gives the image its unique character.



f/4.7 5mins

Developer: Caffenol-C-H (rs) 22°C/71.6°f

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