The Karlevi Stone – Stain sa uas satr aiftir Siba

The Karlevi Stone - Stain sa uas satr aiftir Siba kuþa sun fultars



The Karlevi stone, Öland Sweden approx. 985 AD. Standing where it was originally erected (probably) by danish vikings. It is thought that Sibbe den Gode took part in the legendary battle at Fýrisvellir, close to Ubsalum (now Uppsala, not far from Stockholm) and that he died from his wounds at sea close to Öland on the way home, his followers buried him in one of two now lost mounds and erected the stone between them in memory of their lord.


Fulkin likr hins fulkþu flaistr uisi þat
maistartaiþir tulkaþruþar traukr i þaimsi
hukimunat raiþ uiþur raþaruk starkr i
tanmarkuaintils iarmun kruntar urkrantari lanti
Hidden lies the one whom followed most
know that the greatest deeds Þrud’s
warrior of battles in this mound.
Never will a more honest hard-fighting
‘wagon-Viðurr’ upon Endill’s expanses
rule the land in Denmark.



f/16-22 1/15s

Developer: Caffenol-C-H (rs) 22°C/71.6°f

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