Early Scandinavian Christianity


Early Scandinavian Christianity.

Standing in its original place on a (presumably) bronze age gravemound, this heavily weathered rune stone from 970-1020 C.E is a testament to the gradual change of religious beliefs in Scandinavia. The vikings had no problem worshiping multiple deities, so a new addition was not a major obstacle. Better safe than sorry, right?The stone has been moved several times, but has always been returned to its place of origin. According to numerous legends, you will not find peace if you move the stone unless and until you return it to its original place.

autr · risþi · stin · þonsi · | auftiR · auþ(a) · bruþur · | · sin · han · uarþ · tauþr · | · o · kutlati · kuþ · hialbi · ha(n)s · silu
Eyndr reisti stein þenna eptir Auða, bróður sinn, hann varð dauðr á Gotlandi. Guð hjalpi hans sálu

Önd raised this stone after Önde, his brother, who found death on Gotland, God help his soul”

I left all of the ingredients standing in open receptacles, in weighed out powder/granular/liquid form, for 3 days (I was busy) and it produced some really interesting results. The contrast was very different from that of my regular Caffenol-C-H(rs), much harder and with a lot more basefog. A ingredient or perhaps several oxidized and together with an accidental +2 exposure, it rendered a rather different solarized, especially in the shadows, looking result (see the stones in the foreground?) I kind of like the result, very dramatic framing.


f/5.6 1/30s

Developer: Caffenol-C-H (rs) 20°C/68°f

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