bruþiR : rasþi : stin : þaisi : aiftiR : busa


The Östra Vemmenhög/Dybäck stone is still standing where it was originally erected by bruþiR, at a ford/river crossing. Pretty amazing considering the 1000 or so years that have passed since.

bruþiR : rasþi : stin : þaisi : aiftiR : busa : bruþur : sin : harþa : kuþan : trik
Bróðir raised this stone in memory of Bósi, his brother, a righteous valiant young man.

Broder reste sten denna efter Bosse, broder sin, (en) mycket god kämpe.

Another rune stone with parts of my name on it, this one with my first name.
The other one, the Karlevi stone that stands on Öland, has parts of my last name.



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