“Beeep”.. Forgot the presoak!

presoak 01
presoak 02
I wanted to test Caffenol C-M (rs) with Foma Pan 200 4X5, so I strayed from my usual semi-stand workflow and treated the Combiplan like a normal film tank which I never really tried before, and that in my world means pouring the different baths in and out of it instead of dipping the film into already filled tanks as I normally do with Caffenol C-L.
I was so preoccupied with getting the “new” modus operandi timed right that I completely forgot all about the 5 min. presoak. Splash, sploosh.. As you can see above, presoak seems to be absolutely mandatory with 4X5 and a HP Combiplan T.
On a side note:
I´m 99% sure I focused on the nearest eye, but it´s the farthest that is sharp on the second shot.. My son had a hard time trying to sit still for so long, so keeping the nearest eye in focus wasn´t easy.


f/5.6 1/125s
Developer: Caffenol-C-H (rs) 20°C/68°f

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