Caffenol-C-F semi stand.. C-C-F(l)?









I wanted to try and create a new Caffenol-C-F semi stand, the new fine grain variant of Caffenol created by Reinhold G/Imagesfrugales at After reading a lot about the importance of the PH value in Caffenol C-F, I decided to totally ignore all warnings and just go ahead. I simply added the Sodium Sulfite and 10 minutes to my standard C-C-L development time, a guesstimated starting point for the compensation needed for loss of film speed.
I added
31,25g/l of Sodium Sulfite to the C-C-L recipe that I always use,
not altering any of the other ingredients. Why exactly 31,25g/l you may wonder 🙂 Well I was going to use 40g/l but
I forgot to adjust for the volume in my 1.250 l CombiPlan tank which
would mean that I needed to add a total of 50g for it to be correct according to my initial plan.
First thing I noticed when looking at the negatives after pulling them out of the fixer was that they were perfectly developed although with less contrast than normal (plus it was a grey day when I took the shots). My exposure index needs to be reestablished for this combination, my guess is somewhere around 64-80 iso and the development probably has to be even longer, perhaps 70 minutes next time..

I´m quite content, considering it´s my first semi-stand C-C-F experiment. Pretty interesting stuff!


f/11-16 1/25s
Developer: Caffenol-C-F(l) 60 mins @ 21°C/69.8°f

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