Caffenol-C-F-l semi-stand Test 2

Caffenol-C-F-l semi-stand Test 2

Caffenol-C-F-l semi-stand Test 2

Encouraged by my earlier test, I adjusted my EI to 64 and increased the amount of Sodium Sulfite from 31.25 to 50g/l for this Caffenol-C-F(l) semi-stand – Test 2. Adding more Sodium Sulfite was a huge miscalculation, the ingredients in the standard Caffenol C-L combined with that much Sodium Sulfite is a disaster!
In the first test there were traces of the same ill effects on the emulsion that you see here, although comparably less. Maybe there´s something about that pH after all, just like Reinhold said.. I don´t need a preservative added and it only produced insignificantly finer grain so I don´t think it´s worth the trouble to experiment any further with Sodium Sulfite and stand/semi-stand development.

Oh well.. It was fun trying and worth a shot!


f/22 1/2s

Developer: Caffenol-C-F(l) 60 mins @ 21°C/69.8°f

3 thoughts on “Caffenol-C-F-l semi-stand Test 2

  1. Hi,

    the shot / picture composition is great, BTW.

    Where is this beach located? Reminds me of northern France somehow, …



  2. Thx!

    It´s on a remarkably untouched island called Sejerø, smack in the middle of Denmark!


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