Looking for a new home?

New home, with a landline!

New home information?

New home transporter at Wigwam Motel, Holbrook AZ.

I´m looking for a new home, my current conditions are definitely not optimal. No room for even the smallest of darkrooms, the water quality is appalling and worst of all; it´s damp, lens coating worrying damp.

In fact the conditions are so bad, that in the meantime I dream up living in the most impractical, but at least much drier places, like the Arizona badlands that you see above. I could rent a house and move up into the Swedish forests and mountains, but again that is unfortunately yet another impractical pipe dream, given the fact that my son needs to attend school every day in Denmark.

But to be honest, I desperately dream of doing exactly that, moving up north, out into nature, rent a classic Swedish wooden house and live as far away from the buzzing metropolises as possible, preferably somewhere with the chance of photographing bears, wolves and elks etc.

Aargh, the limitations of trying to be a responsible parent. 🙂


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